GSOC solutions is a professional design house , providing development services for the VLSI industry.


gSOC Solutions functions as a center of excellence for ASIC frontend activities.

Our team of industry experts has vast experience  in development, ASIC design, FPGA, verification environments and emulation platforms.

Our internal development process and clear methodologies ensures a quality product developed within a well predicted schedule, to the highest standards.

Select the service model that best meets your specific needs:

  • Team augmentation – utilize our expertise as an extension of your development center. The scope of this model can range from a single engineer to large-scale, fully managed teams.
  • Turnkey projects – provide a requirement specification, which gSOC experts will then implement -. Development is executed with total transparency, with regular reviews and a set of clearly defined milestones.


gSOC Solutions’ VLSI experts provide innovative, intuitive design, utilizing best-in-class methodologies and tools, which result in low power, high clock rate, efficientsynthesizable and verification friendly  design.

We can provide design services targeted for FPGA or ASIC, each with its nuance and variance, either as part of  a customer project or as a full turnkey solution, utilizing our frontend capabilities.

Design Verification

Excellent verification relies on several factors – technical knowledge of the language and methodology, the capacity to understand the system in which the tested design resides, the application of the correct work flows, utilization of a variety of different tools and the capability to identify and pinpoint the bug.

We see the design verification process as a multidimensional effort in which our engineers must excel.     We believe that this is what enables us to provide unparalleled verification service for our customers.

Our engineers have proven success on a wide range of verification projects –  SOC, IP, CPU, signal processing and IP integration. This knowledge enables us to quickly jump in and assist at every stage of a project.

Our many years of experience in verification enable us to grasp the project-specific needs and tailor a complete solution that will bring first class results, on time and on budget.

Formal Verification

Formal verification is a powerful method that when applied to the right design provides excellent results in a short time.

We have seen a great improvement in the available tools and methodologies in recent years and customers are recognizing the value in adopting these newer techniques alongside traditional functional verification.

Our engineers can scan the customer project and recommend which modules will result in the best ROI for formal verification.  Once these modules have been identified, we can execute the verification, improving overall project utilization and efficiency.


As ASIC projects become increasingly complex, emulation is emerging as a critical and mandatory aspect of verification.

Using an emulation platform also has benefits for teams outside the VLSI unit. It enables early development of the software side of the project, which shortens the company time to market.

Smart usage of emulation platforms is becoming a cross company task, with teams from different disciplines –VLSI, SW, Algorithmics, DSP.  The combined effort not just to brings better quality for ASIC, but improves the overall product TTM.

There are two kinds of emulation platforms, each with its own advantages. One is based on large scale FPGA’s and the other is based on a large-scale server, with multi CPUs working in parallel.

gSOC engineers have experience working with both kinds of platforms from the major EDA vendors.

We can engage and assist with all aspects of emulation, at any phase of the project:

  • Analyzing the project and recommending the best practices and system architecture
  • Ramping up customer emulation platforms, delivering a working setup with best-in -class work flows
  • Providing maintenance and on-going support
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