Professional development services for the ASIC industry, from team augmentation to full turn key project.

About Us

gSOC Solutions is a professional design house, providing a broad array of quality services and IP’s for the VLSI industry.

The company provides unmatched development services in the fields of design, design verification, emulation, FPGA design and formal verification. We are committed to meeting our customers’ aggressive targets through team augmentation or turnkey project management.

gSOC also offers a unique solution with its Generic SOC platform, a comprehensive SOC project, with design, verification, and emulation layers that enable our customers to expedite SOC development.

The gSOC platform takes the next step in the evolution of open source solutions, with the transition from scattered IP’s to full SOC projects.


Why us?

gSOC customers vary from early stage startups to multinational companies. Our experience and wide range of VLSI expertise, enable us to  provide each project with a unique solution to ensure its success.

Working on cutting edge technologies with our customers provides us with a panoramic      view of industry trends, technologies, and markets, which drives our engineering team to continuously improve and innovate.


Our core foundation relies on our expert engineering team, which is comprised of a combination of industry veterans and talented university graduates.

Our commitment to professionalism and excellence is embedded in our company culture, which ultimately results in high quality products and top-notch service and support.


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