” GSOC team executed a fast rampup , aligning to Autotalks verification methodologies , and provided us with an important boost to the project schedule.  GSOC engineers showed high level of verification expertise along with dedication to the project success.

Important aspect was the attention we got from GSOC management, which was also highly committed to the project success. The company provided solutions for our dynamic needs, allocating engineers from all levels, junior , experienced and even  managerial capabilities.

We are very satisfied with the engagement with GSOC engineers in the verification of the chip , which is a key pillar for Autotalks business plans”

Sharon Ulman , Autotalks Director of VLSI

“The gSOC team came on board in the early stages of the development process, and their commitment to the success of the project as well as the high standard of their verification results was a perfect match for our highly dynamic and energetic startup spirit”, commented Evelyn Landman , proteanTecs co-founder and CTO.

Given the intricacies of our design, gSOC assembled a team of experts, led by their top verification manager, that was able to embrace the complex task and deliver the desired results”, added Landman. “We were highly satisfied with our experience working with the GSOC team, which has led to us to extend our partnership, continuing our cooperation in our upcoming development stages.”

Evelyn Landman , proteanTecs co-founder and CTO

The successful project led to continuation of cooperation between the companies, in Autotalks 3rd generation device as Amos Freund, Autotalks’ VP R&D commented :

” We found that we and the GSOC team shares the same values of high level of professionalism and dedication.

We were very satisfied with GSOC’s contribution to the project success and as a result we will continue the cooperation in our next project and even expanding the team “.


Amos Freund, Autotalks VP R&D
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